Goswami Tulsidas Govt. P.G. College Karwi is assigned Four NSS Units at present, The strength of the student is around 100 student in One NSS Unit. Incharge of NSS Unit is callrd Programme Officer. He is responsible for the Organisation and Implementation of NSS Programme.

             NSS is a Voluntary Schemem, students are registered for 2 years at graduatrion level and enrollment are free of cost and they get Certifiate on completion of 2 Years. Student, teachers and community must participate in NSS. They are treated as main element of NSS. NSS is running in the college with the objective to develop multidimensional (Leadership & Communication Skills) personality, by providing comuunity service along with their studying. Under the scheme students participated in atleast one '7 days Camp' as well as one '4 days Special Camp.'

There are so many objective are done in the college under NSS as bellow :

  • Awareness Programme and Railly
  • Workshop, Seminar on Social Issue
  • Plantation
  • Blood donation
  • Cleaning Compaign