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Best Practices

            The College established to cater to the demands of providing higher education to the students. Apart from this, most of the rural community students who have agricultural family background seek higher education in this College. Keeping these local needs in mind, the College has taken some strategies for widening access to higher education to its students. The College is attaining new heights since its inception through innovative measures. Some of the innovations introduced during last four years are ICT based learning, arranging remedial classes for slow learners and providing question bank and study material. The orthodox system of working in the office has been replaced by computerized system of administration. This has improved the functioning and efficiency of the office.

There are many best practices which have improved the College academically and administratively. Two best practices to mention are:- Quality education and ICT based teaching learning. With the introduction of ICT enabled teaching and learning process, it has been observed that the students’ participation in classes has improved significantly and students have performed better.